School Visits

Visiting schools, meeting kids and giving lively, interactive presentations is the next best thing to teaching. Many kids are curious about a career in the arts, and I love to encourage the idea that this is a very possible thing. I also love seeing all types of kids—from the enthusiastic to the shy who need help coming out of their shells—contribute to a rich creative discussion on how to build a story.

My presentations are interactive, can be adapted to any grade level, and focus on learning to tell a story using both words and pictures. Students first learn to create a character that conveys emotion. Together we come up with challenges for this character to face, and brainstorm various scenarios through which the character can try to overcome his or her challenges. In the process, students learn to think about story structure, character motivation, visual scene construction, the interplay of text and pictures, and character arc.

At the end of my presentations, I always allow for Q&A. Kids often want to know about life as an author/illustrator, how to deal with rejection, what it’s like to be involved in the publishing industry, and how to keep trusting in and developing our creative ideas.

All presentations are between 45-60 minutes long. Group sizes vary from just one class to an entire grade level. For elementary school, I prefer to present to smaller groups (less than 200.)


Please contact me at salima@salimaalikhan. net for rates. Maximum four presentations per day.
I ask for 10-15 minute breaks between presentations and 30 minutes for lunch.

Any of my Pelican titles—The Pied Piper of Austin, Rocky Mountain Night Before Christmas and Lawyer’s Week Before Christmas—are available from Pelican Publishing Company at a 40% discount when sold in conjunction with an author/illustrator visit.
For more information about having me visit your school or Pelican’s discount and return policy, please contact the School Sales Manager at 1-800-843-17234 ext. 319, or

To contact me directly, please email me at